Accurate selections and perfect sorting with Punto Netto

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Accurate selections and perfect sorting with Punto Netto

Attention, care for details and quick turnaround time.

News: Apparently simple activities require time, attention and attention to details. Only in this way can we guarantee accurate selections and perfect sorting, without any mistakes.

For an accurate selection and sorting activity, as well as for a careful technical analysis it is necessary that the whole chain of professionals, from the Inspector to the Quality Control to the Management Engineer, work with the maximum concentration without neglecting any detail. And it is for this reason that the certification body that first analysed our management system has always evaluated our performance successfully.

Ours is a working procedure, born from a strong and constant experience gained in the fieldwork in over 20 years of activity, that our Resident Engineers they apply in all the checks, in all the inspections and in all the controls that we carry out every day in the plants in Italy. In this way we make our accurate selections and sorting more effective but, above all, simpler and more immediate, in compliance with a proven process that takes place in 6 very precise steps.

how do you carry out accurate selections and correct sorting?

1) In order to carry out impeccable quality controls in the plants where we are present, we focus on the clarity of the information and the simplicity of the instructions. In this way, our engineers and site supervisors work on the work instructions until they are clear and immediately workable. This is due to the fact that experience teaches us that accurate selections are obtained thanks to clear and detailed instructions that allow checks and inspections to be carried out without any problems.

2) Another element that distinguishes our Quality Controls and guarantees us perfect sorting activities without mistakes is the constant monitoring of the process and the product. The belief that we do not come across incorrect evaluations has led many of our competitors to commit even serious ones. For this reason today Punto Netto guarantees 3 levels of control for any type of selection. The first one is carried out by the inspectors on duty in the plants every two hours; the second one is carried out by the team leader and the team chief on every single piece selected during the day; the third check, finally, is carried out by the site chief on the entire process.

3) In order to carry out complete and successful audits, it is essential to achieve a high level of understanding. On the one hand the understanding of the service provider on the actual defect found during the technical analysis, on the other hand the understanding of the real needs of both the provider and the plant. And this is where the Resident Engineers of Punto Netto come into play, who carefully and attentively compare parts and construction drawings to verify the actual defects. Once this aspect has been evaluated, the check list will be agreed on. We are convinced that only by listening carefully to our customers' requests will we be able to fully satisfy them.

4) To correctly handle the flow of parts between warehouses and production lines, it is essential to draw up an accurate inventory of both loose parts and assembled parts in order to collect all the parts to be selected from warehouses, intermediate storage areas and work rounds, in a single control room where all stocks are ordered by batch and/or serial numbers and also by production and/or shipping dates. In this delicate step, when inside the plants all the products are put into movement, at Punto Netto we follow a specific operative instruction that helps us to detail not only the management flows but also to carry out a correct identification of the pieces and packaging.

5) The fifth step, which allows us to guarantee the quantities necessary for the production, is represented by the capacity to have adequate staff not at the minimum but at the maximum, net of the percentage of consolidated waste. Moreover, in order to make the selections faster, we have been carrying, within the limits of the plant receptivity, the daily target of verified pieces up to double the daily requirement. This allows those who use Punto Netto's services to be absolutely guaranteed to be able to plan their production without any constraints.

6) To conclude, there is Qua.Sy.Mod, our very advanced selection support website that, thanks to a very advanced software, is able to manage every activity, even the most complex, thanks to an articulated database that provides information in real time and makes it easy to consult even remotely. Our Quality System Model includes several steps that generate Alerts that allow the identification of any critical issues in an immediate, easy and fast way. In this way we reduce management time and costs. Thanks to Qua.Sy.Mod our site managers and our customers will be alerted whenever the quality gates are exceeded on NOK parts or specific defects. They will also be alerted when the overall inspection has reached the agreed number of parts and even the time previously established. Knowing in real time the progress of a sorting, a multi-defect selection or a test with technical analysis, allows to modulate more appropriate responses also for customers who, in turn, have to carry out corresponding internal actions.

This proven 6-step process has allowed us to manage thousands of activities over the years, even the most complex ones, without any kind of smudging. This is not what we say, but it is our customers who grow more and more every year and choose us because the Punto Netto Selections are practically perfect.

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Punto Netto di Griso Gaetano s.r.l. is a Company set up already in 1997 in the sector of services to metal and mechanical Companies. The experiences gained in twenty years led us to evolve in the activities of technical assistance and quality inspections, including non-destructive testing, at the most important Companies of automotive sector.

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